12 February 2017 Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Het Vrienden Niewsjaarconcert Auditorium & Special Collections Program Cornelis Kist (?) Franse Air: “Faut atacquer la Loreyne”, ’t uitnement Kabinet Amsterdam, 1646 Andreas Hammerschmidt (1611-1675) Intrada, ‘t uitnement Kabinet Andrea Falconieri (1585/86-1656) Battaglia de Barabaso yerno de Satanas, Il primo libro di Canzone, Sinfonie, Fantasie etc. 1650 Francesco Cavalli (1602-1676)… Continue reading BATTAGLIA!

Tunes from ‘t uitnement Kabinet Amsterdam (1646)

5 November 2016 Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Program It is not surprising that domestic musical performance plays an important part in musical life during a period of time in which neither court nor church provides musical centers or sources of musical inspiration. This situation typifies the Northern Netherlands during the 17th century. Public musical life was confined… Continue reading Tunes from ‘t uitnement Kabinet Amsterdam (1646)