Tunes from ‘t uitnement Kabinet Amsterdam (1646)

5 November 2016
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam


It is not surprising that domestic musical performance plays an important part in musical life during a period of time in which neither court nor church provides musical centers or sources of musical inspiration. This situation typifies the Northern Netherlands during the 17th century. Public musical life was confined to performances by town musicians, and to carillon and organ recitals by the town organist and carilloneur. The numerous 17th century Dutch paintings and drawings picturing music groups vividly show the vigor of domestic musical life during that period. The purpose of this program is to give a good idea of the music that was heard during these domestic performances in the Netherlands during the Dutch “Golden Age”.
Most of the music presented is taken from the most important collection of Dutch instrumental music of the whole 17th century the ’t uitnement Kabinet. Published in Amsterdam by Paulus Matthysz during the middle decades of the century those volumes are typical examples of anthologies.

The Voorspel by Helmbreker (organist in Haarlem) is polyphonically composed, probably after Italian models. The pieces by Kist and I.H. on the other hand, are short settings of well known song or dance tunes. The piece by Merula in this collection is a clear evidence of the influence that many famous Italian composers had in the musical life of the Low Countries, both Uccellini’s and Marini’s instrumental works were owned by Paulus Matthysz who had a leading role not only in music publishing in Amsterdam but also in the Collegium Musicum of Utrecht.

Tarquinio Merula (1595 – 1665)
‘t Hane en ‘t Henne-gekray, ‘t uitnement Kabinet Amsterdam, 1646

Marco Uccellini (1603 – 1680)
Aria sopra la Bergamasca, Venezia 1642

Cornelis Jansz Helmbreker (?)
Voorspel, ’t uitnement Kabinet Amsterdam, 1646

I.H. (?)
Eerste & Tweede Nachtegael, ’t uitnement Kabinet Amsterdam, 1646

Cornelis Kist (?)
Franse Air: “Faut atacquer la Loreyne”, ’t uitnement Kabinet Amsterdam, 1646

Biagio Marini (1594 – 1663)
Sonata a 3 sopra “Fuggi dolente core”, Venezia, 1655


Ensemble L’Arco Sonoro