La Sonate en trio théatrale

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Saturday, 1st August 2015, Eglise Saint Pierre de Vieux Mareuil, Itinéraire Baroque


Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
Sonata RV 801 in C Major for oboe, violin, cello and continuo

Giovanni Benedetto Platti (ca. 1692-1763)
Sonata in G Major for oboe, cello and continuo

Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1749)
Sonate in trio in G minor H393 nr. 8, op. 2 for oboe, violin and continuo

The program is about the influence of Italian vocal style on instrumental music, thanks to the success of Italian virtuoso singers and composers all around Europe. This sort of reminiscence is particularly clear in the slow movements of the pieces proposed, in which the kind of writing suggests the image of two different characters singing a duet on an ideal stage.
Vivaldi, Platti and Händel were mostly famous during their life for the quality of their vocal compositions. While Vivaldi was for all his life connected to the Venetian environment, Platti who almost certainly was a student of his, took the chance of a tour in German countries under the lead of Fortunato Chelleri, to find a new occupation at the court of Würzburg where he was employed as singer and virtuoso of many instruments.
Although the triosonatas op. 2 by Händel were published by Walsh in London around 1730, the period of a few years spent in Rome in touch with Italian musicians (Corelli and Scarlatti among the others) had a strong influence on his style through all his life and production.

Eglise Saint Pierre de Vieux Mareuil
11h – 12h15 – 15h – 16h15 – 17h30

Y. Shin, hautbois ; F. Bergamini, violon ;
B. Smith, violoncelle ; E. Valorz, clavecin

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Francesco Bergamini, Edoardo Valorz, Robert Smith and Yong-Cheon Shin